Sunday, March 18, 2012

This Is A Hard Game?

"Mom, lets play Zelda. I'll be Zelda. You are Link." This is one of the phrases I hear on a daily basis from my very active 3-year-old. But last Sunday he was full of, as he calls them, "games." We were on our way home from Utah and riding with my mom. Ian was sleeping, but Brody took a nap at church and was wide awake for much of the ride home. So my mom and I got to play several "games" with Brody on that long drive. It started with Mario. When that got old, or when mom and grandma didn't have much to say, a voice from the back said "Mom, this is a hard game?" "Yeah." "Ok, lets play something else." This happened several times as we played cars, firefighters, and Zelda. It was so much fun to hear him use his imagination and laugh at our sometimes silly responses. Brody is at such a fun age. His language continues to grow by leaps and bounds and he says some of the funniest things. Mostly things he hears from mom and dad but that sound so funny coming from such a little person. He is interacting in new ways all the time and we can actually carry on conversations in the car and at meals. I'm loving this age and seeing him use his imagination to explore and grow. Sometimes I just sit and listen to him play. And sometimes I get to play along.