Friday, February 27, 2009

Anxiously Awaiting

I got a text at 6 am from Marc that said they are having a baby today. We are so excited to welcome our newest nephew/cousin to the Vipperman family! We are praying all goes well today for Marc, Ashlee, and little Dradge.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rebel or Coug?

So Friday morning I decided to see if Brody's UNLV t-shirt finally fit. Yes, I strategically planned to try it on him Friday so that if it did fit it would be dirty on Saturday, the day of the big game. (I know, I'm evil. Mwahahaa!... or just loyal to my good ol' cougars) When I tried to put the shirt on him he grunted and screamed. He was not happy to have to wear his rebel gear. But Saturday morning, when we dressed him in his BYU onesie he was all smiles. So what does this prove you ask? Can someone so little already have a favorite team? Yes! And Brody's blood runs true blue, through and through.

Friday, February 6, 2009

This is what happens when you're a milk cow and you have a baby in NICU.
I finally cleaned out the freezer today. My finger tips are ice cold, and I'm still not done defrosting all the bags so I can pour them down the sink. My in-laws will be thrilled though!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brody's Blessing Day and No Strings Attached!

We finally blessed Broderick Kenneth Riddle on February 1st, 2009. We were nervous that he might be awake when we blessed him and he would cry or arch his back, which would make it hard for Derek to hold him. But our wonderful little boy came through for us again. He fell asleep just before sacrament meeting started and slept through the whole thing. We couldn't ask for a better son.
My family came down for the blessing as well. It was so fun to see them all again. Brody and Gregory are good friends already. It will be so much fun to watch them grow up together. We really missed Justin, Becky, and Audrey though.

On another good note, Brody and I made another trip to the Lung Specialist this morning. The doctor said he would send a prescription to discharge the apnea monitor. At 11:45 am a van arrived and took that little box away. WOO HOO!! Now the song on the top of the playlist is a tribute to Brody. He's getting so big and doing so well and now HE'S GOT NO STRINGS to prove it.